September 12, 2018
Back to School and the Importance of Hearing Well

Hearing Loss In The Classroom: What You Need To Know

For many students, the end of summer is bittersweet. Gone are the days of lounging at the beach, time spent at sleepaway camp, and evening barbecues
August 27, 2018
Spread of healthy food on table

Helpful Diet For Healthy Hearing

Most steps to take in combating hearing loss seem obvious. We know to use earphones when we’re mowing the lawn. We bring earplugs with us to
August 13, 2018
doctor gives patient a prescription

Hearing Restorative Drugs: Their Development and Promise

Hearing Aids and Assistive Listening Devices aren’t the only areas of hearing health evolving. Medical breakthroughs in restorative hearing have been occurring at a quickening pace
July 25, 2018
Outdoor wedding

Make Your Wedding Accommodating For The Hearing Impaired

Summertime often means weddings and a great deal of wedding planning. If you are planning a wedding, take the time to ensure it is accessible to
July 10, 2018
Doctor holding otoscope and Examining a woman patient ear

It Is Time To Stop Putting Off That Hearing Evaluation

Hearing loss is a gradual invisible condition that people often ignore. In fact, people wait, on average, seven years from the time they start turning up
June 20, 2018
Red hearing aid in a person's hand

The Hearing Aid Fashion Statement

While many hearing aid users prefer a smaller, more invisible hearing aid over a more eye-catching option, new trends in design may turn colorful and tasteful
June 6, 2018
Surgeons team working with Monitoring of patient in surgical operating room. breast augmentation.

Can You Surgically Correct Hearing Loss?

While hearing aids are the most prominent treatment for mild, moderate, and sometimes severe hearing loss, there are some surgeries available that can help a very
February 14, 2018

3 Ways Untreated Hearing Loss Can Hurt Your Health

It is estimated that approximately 37 million Americans have some degree of hearing loss.  Many of those 37 million are untreated.  It may be for financial reasons, a
February 12, 2018

There’s an App For Hearing That

The last ten years have brought about significant improvements in hearing aids, thank goodness.  Gone are the tan, clunky analog models incapable of the finesse needed to separate

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